The Township of Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh welcomes any feedback on the provision of goods and services to customers with disabilities. Customers may also request public documents (including emergency procedures, plans or public safety documents) in alternate and accessible formats or with appropriate communication supports, to be provided as soon as practicable upon receipt of the request. The Township will consult with the person making the request in determining the suitability of an accessible format or communication support. The Township will provide the agreed-upon accessible formats and communication supports in a timely manner.

Customers may provide feedback or request alternate format documents by contacting the Municipal Clerk.

Text Notifications

As part of our commitment to keeping you informed and connected, we are excited to introduce our texting notification service. By signing up for texting notifications, you'll receive timely updates, and important announcements directly to your mobile device. It's a convenient way to stay in the loop and never miss out on the latest news from us.

To opt-in and start receiving text messages, complete the form below or return the pdf form to and select the item(s) you would like us to notify you about. 


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