2024 Tree Program

Important Program Information

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who submitted applications for our 2024 Tree Program Lottery. The successful winners have been notified. 

NEW! There is no need to attend or phone the Municipal Office to purchase trees. A lottery system will be used to determine who receives trees. Landowners will need to complete the below form, or return a paper copy of the form to the Municipal Office to be entered into the random draw for trees. 

In November 2023, Council agreed to purchase 500 trees and assigned a cost of $10 per tree. 

In December 2023, Council adopted By-law 84-2023 amending the Tree Planting Policy and adopted the new procedure which is briefly outlined below.

  • In November of each calendar year Council will direct staff the number of trees that shall  be purchased from the local conservation authority and determine the cost per tree to landowner.
  • In February of each calendar year Municipal Staff will advertise on social media, in the tax newsletter and on the municipal website how to sign up for the lottery system and the deadline.
  • Municipal staff will review the sign-up to verify eligibility and eliminate duplicate entries. Landowners are restricted to one entry per roll number. (NOTE: If a landowner owns multiple properties they may submit multiple entries.)
  • On the first calendar day of March each calendar year the lottery draw will be completed by Municipal Staff. The lottery will be completed at random and a maximum of 5 trees per landowner will be distributed. (NOTE: Landowners may enter the draw with more then one roll number but will only be distributed 5 trees)
  • In the spring, Municipal staff will contact only those who were successful in the lottery. An invoice will be provided for the landowner to make payment prior to picking up the trees.
  • Landowners will be contacted in advance and need to make arrangements for the pick-up of trees on the assigned date.
  • Once picked up, the trees must be planted within the geographic boundary of the township of Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh. The Township is not responsible for the planting or care of trees after pick-up.

2024 Trees Available

Deciduous trees come 125-150cm potted

Sugar Maple 
Native Red Maple 
Red Oak     

Maitland Valley Conservation Authority- Tree Planting Programs

Landowners can purchase trees directly from the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority by visiting: https://mvca.on.ca/stewardship-programs/tree-planting-programs/ 

2024 Lottery Sign-up Form


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