Step 4 of 4: Book an Inspection

Once a building permit is issued, building inspections are required.

A building inspection will ensure that your project is safe and follows the regulations and guidelines set out in the Ontario Building Code. An inspection will also make sure you follow the Townships regulations and other regulating bodies.

It is the permit holder or property owner’s responsibility to book inspections.

Before you request an inspection, have the following information ready:

  1. Building or septic permit number (example: BP-2021-000)
  2. Property address for permit (example: 82133 Council Line)
  3. Type of inspection required  Please refer to Building and Septic Permit Required Inspections


To book an inspection, please contact the Building Administrative Assistant at or 519-524-4669.

Please note that inspections are not scheduled to occur on weekends or statutory holidays. Inspection requests must be submitted prior to 3:00 pm for next business day inspections.